Leolux Furniture Group:

Design for a more beautiful world

Sustainability starts by making good products that really last. Products designed and developed with care and diligently produced using high-quality materials. Leolux Furniture Group (LFG) has been putting this basic principle into practice for many years now, which ensures that our furniture lasts in your interior for a long time, sometimes even for decades.

We’re building a more beautiful world for future generations; for clients and employees and for our children and grandchildren.

Our themes

Leolux Furniture Group contributes to a more beautiful world in many different ways.

Local production

Leolux Furniture Group is an international operating company based in Venlo, in the south of the Netherlands. We made a conscious decision to produce locally, in the heart of our home market. We chose the region we’ve been connected to since 1934 and chose the people who together form our family company.

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Daily use

A healthy climate starts with the air you breathe at home and in your workplace. Invisible particles affect our health and well-made products take these into account.

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LFG chooses high quality, clean and safe materials. These form the basis for our sustainable products. We require our suppliers to account for the origin and/or production of their materials.

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Production process

Clean and efficient production, recycling waste and reducing our carbon footprint are all obvious choices for a better planet. LFG always aims to reduce the environmental impact of its production process. We also pay a lot of attention to our employees’ working conditions.

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Our people

A family business is all about its people. Committed employees make better products. It’s that simple. In our family business, people work together on the basis of their qualities and on an equal footing.

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Current developments

Working towards a more beautiful world is a continuous process. For every initiative, Leolux Furniture Group works hard to find the most sustainable solution.

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