Our people

A family business is all about its people. Committed employees make better products. It’s that simple. In our family business, people work together on the basis of their qualities and on an equal footing, irrespective of their origin, skin colour, faith/persuasion, gender or sexual orientation and with respect for each other’s ideas. LFG also promotes the participation of people with fewer opportunities in the job market. This creates a community of people who have a strong bond and the same long-term goal: the continuity of the family business.


Long term work relationships are very valuable in any business. Knowledge and expertise come first at LFG. For that reason, LFG chooses permanent contracts as far as possible, both in the Netherlands and in its factory in Hungary.


With a wide range of training options, LFG ensures that employees can develop their professional expertise to strengthen their position within the organisation.


We work in a clean, safe and modern environment. The health of our employees has top priority. However, if anyone is unable to do their own work, they will receive support to move to other tasks, thus retaining their knowledge and experience for our company.

Indoor climate for employees

Many of our employees do physical work. An energy-efficient adiabatic cooling system has been installed in Venlo to reduce temperatures in the increasingly hotter summer months. This enables us to reduce the workplace temperature by around 7 degrees in an extremely energy-efficient way.

Our environment

Also outside working hours, LFG is keen to make a contribution. To its own people and to the local community. Thus LFG sponsors nature, sports and cultural organisations and associations in the immediate surroundings of our factory in Venlo. LFG is a member of MVO Nederland (CSE Netherlands) and of the nature conservation organisation Limburgs Landschap.

A freely accessible forest has been created in the most northerly point of the municipality of Venlo, on the ‘Pelgrimshof’ estate; a green heart donated to the city of Venlo. The L-shaped forest is an initiative of former Director Jeroen Sanders. He had the birch forest planted as a ‘landmark’ on the Pelgrimshof estate, part of which is freely accessible. It is a tribute to the nature in and around Venlo, where LFG was founded, as well as being a symbol of LFG’s green starting points.

The nature around us is incredibly valuable, not only as a source of the most beautiful materials but particularly as a place to relax; this creates space for new creative ideas.

Facts and figures
- Start of project: December 2011
- The green LFG heart comprises 93 trees, which were almost two metres tall when planted.
- 16,000 trees were around 50 cm when planted (November 2012)

This forest will form part of the National Ecological Network (Ecologische Hoofdstructuur (EHS)). The government had planned to complete the EHS by 2018 but this has now been postponed until 2028.