Daily use

A healthy climate starts with the air you breathe at home and in your workplace. Invisible particles affect our health and well-made products take these into account.

Leolux Furniture Group uses materials that meet the highest requirements. Carb2-certified wooden sheet material, for example, which is free from added formaldehyde. Where possible we powder coat metal components as this technique does not release any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The alternative wet coating still smells for a few weeks after production. That is usually not hazardous, but some people are sensitive to this.

Fabrics and types of leather that LFG uses, the products you touch physically, are certified by our suppliers and meet strict standards. They are absolutely safe. And as Leolux Furniture Group produces to order at the heart of its market and ship almost all the furniture ourselves, we also have the entire logistics process under control. Anti Fungal Chemicals used in shipping containers, for example, are never used at LFG.

This means you can enjoy living safely and healthily with the furniture we produce with care.