Local bespoke production

Leolux Furniture Group is an international operating company based in Venlo, in the south of the Netherlands. We made a conscious decision to produce locally, in the heart of our home market. We chose the region we’ve been connected to since 1934 and chose the people who together form our family company.

Almost the full furniture piece is made to order here. Our colleagues in our smaller branch in Szolnok, Hungary, craft the specialist stitching and upholster some selected products.

Local production has huge advantages for LFG. Our employees’ expertise, skill  and craft awareness ensures true quality, flexibility and fast delivery of high quality bespoke products.

We work with European suppliers, use only approved raw materials that are produced in the region, transport is efficient and we have short communication lines with our suppliers and customers. And let’s not forget the huge involvement of all those people who work in our wonderful family business. 

This all shows how important it is for us that we continue manufacturing in Europe.

Sustainable suppliers

We want to be certain that we use non-polluting materials, which is why we work exclusively with certified suppliers who are required to account for their production methods. This applies to the wood, but also to the foam, fabric and leather.

Feel free to come and see how we work

As we’d like to demonstrate what we do, our main factory in the Netherlands is open to visitors and we will give you as much information as possible. Any questions? Contact questions@leolux.com.